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OD and SAMI Samirabrasil Break Up!

OD and SAMI Samirabrasil Break Up!

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Popular Taiwanese Comedian OD (欧弟) has broken up with rich girl Sami Xiang (香蜜拉) after four years of dating.

Earlier this month, OD celebrated his 33rd birthday without girlfriend Sami. He changed his relationship status online from the usual “in a relationship” to “it’s complicated” and sent out weibo messages hinting at relationship difficulties.

The main cause of the break-up is money. Sami’s family is uber rich, her father a well-known business man in Brazil and her step-father the influential TV host Hu Gua. Meanwhile, OD’s family had been under debt for the past 18 years and he has worked hard all his life just to make a living.

It appears that OD was quite in love with his gf. In front of a live audience of <Day Day UP>, one of the most watched TV shows in China, OD had once said:

Sami,I love,If I come back, I want to marry you.

Too bad the girl is not coming back.

Mr Chin Says: Can’t say I pity him! He should have known better than to be involved with that girl. The rich girl just wanted a fling and expected the poor boy to selflessly provide.  If she was serious, the money problem would have come up a long time ago and theyw would have broken up then, not after leading him on for four years.


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