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Why Zhang Ziyi Was Never and Will Never Be Popular

The Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger and Memoirs of a Geisha star was never liked in her home country. But her popularity has plummeted even further after her very public lawsuit, suing a United States community news site for libel.

Netizens show no sympathy towards Zhang 章子怡, after, a not-for-profit site dedicated to uncovering the truth in China, busted her for “prostituting” herself to the recently exiled Communist leader, Bo Xi Lai 薄熙来 (—another man who Mr Chin says is quite hot) and his circle of well-connected friends. Allegedly, Zhang made US$100 million over the course of 10 years.

Zhang says the scandal is absolute rubbish, stating, through her lawyers:

The accusations made against award-winning actress Zhang Ziyi are completely false and defamatory. There is no truth in any of the allegations that have come forth which are a result of calculated cruel intentions against a well-respected established actress. Legal repercussions are ensuing and these scandalous reports will not be tolerated in any way.

ImageBo Xi Lai, a married hot man.

Meanwhile, has their own legal team on hand and insists that they were telling the truth, ready to fight back at all costs. They are not alone – Zhang has also sued Hong Kong’s Apple Daily.

What do you think about Zhang Ziyi’s scandal? Do you believe her side of the story? Mr Chin says he doesn’t, not after the nude shots he saw her take with Vivi Nevo and pocketing donations for herself that were meant for earthquake victims in the Great Sichuan Earthquake in 2008.


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